Welcome to my postcards collections

Welcome to my updated worldwide postcards collections,
I am very interested in all single view unused postcards,
mainly on Fruits, Flowers (Tulips, Sunflowers, Lily), also
LOVE/Heart, traditional costumes, and UNESCO sites.

Please let me know all your comments, also
welcome for postcards exchange.

Please put all the unused postcards into an envelope,
and affixing with more nice stamps on envelopes,
most important, please clear writing your full name and
postal address on envelope, then I can clear identified
and reply correct.

George WU
Xiulang P. O. Box 155,
Yungho, Taipei 23499,
Republic of China.

My email: gtmwu@hotmail.com

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Gulfmann Maxicards Collection

December 31, 2011

ROSES Postcards Wanted

I am looking for all single view ROSES unused postcards,
in soft pink, white or red color roses, no any words and
logo on the front picture side only.
Will reply postcards from Taiwan.

George WU
P.O. Box 4-155,
Yungho, Taipei 23499,
Republic of China.